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take advantage of upcoming awareness days with this dedicated guide. 

Awareness days can be interweaved into your social strategy. Using the Awareness days guide you can create content that is both relevant and engaging.  It’s been designed so you can view daily, weekly or monthly to help create content for those upcoming days.  

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Easy to use
The awareness day guide has been designed for indivduals or businesses to use to write content based around those awareness days.  I used 3 of the most popular sites to create one ulitmate awareness guide, Its easy to use showing daily, weekly and monthly awareness days.

Quick Glance guide
A long time was also put into taking those awarness days and splitting them into catergories. This quick guide can be used to quickly scan the whole year of similar days.  This is something which can’t be found online & will save you so much time, and also is a handy feature when it comes to planning. 

Helping you design content
Imagine someone spending hours saving over 400 icons into a collection that can be accessed which will represent some of these awareness days.  Not a fan of icons then i’ve doen the same for photos.   


Help plan your content
I’ve also took the examples used throught the awareness day guide and put them into a yearly planner that you can print out and use.  (these are faded so don’t take over so you can still plan your content when & where yhou want it)  

but why?

Are you struggling for ideas when it comes to your social posts?
This guide could help you generate posts.  Either using the per page for ideas or the quick glance at the back.  The quick glance was created so you can see all the awareness days, these have been broke down into key catergories, again to assist with looking for. 

The guide have been created to save you time?
The guide was created using 3 of the most popular awareness days websites, the information was collated and put together with the end user in mind. So i’ve done all the leg work to save you time from hunting all over the internet. On top of that i’ve event searched for over 420icons and over 420images to help you create those posts once you found that day. 

Imagine knowing that there’s a relatable awareness day coming up?
Having access to the guide you can foreplan your content, instead of rushing around at the last minute when you see someone post about that awareness day at the start of the day. The quick glance section will show all relateable post so if sceduling you could even then future plan that post with the content just created, freeing up time and also freeing up the amount of new content needing creating. 

not just for social media

The awareness day Guide was created with social media in mind, to help you the individual or those who manage multiple clients social media. It’s not just social media it can help you with though, it can also help with your own marketing planning. Can help with:
  • Social Media Posts, Reels and Videos
  • Blogging
  • Newsletters/Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Email Marketing
  • Website content
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Materials

guide overview

The awareness guide has been created to be easily used. A daily calendar shows a 7day week page and shows every awareness day happening on that specific day. Weeks & months are slightly different but the result is the same, it shows everything thats week or montly relatible.

The quick guide is taking all the above and putting everything into common catergories. ie. Food & Drink, Life & living etc..   

365 days

weeks & months

quick guide

Along with all the awareness days, weeks & months i’ve spent hours looking for icons and images that can be used alongside.  icon & image each per day, 1 per week, and 1 per month all adding up to over 800 individual pieces that can be used. (these have been put together into 3rd party icons and image banks, all you need to do is agree and download). 

plus access to
over 840 icons & photos

imagine the time it will save?

not only have you saved time finding the awareness days but having a link to icons and images that can be used will also save time looking for those.  Admittedly there’s not an iconf or image every single one but i’ve picked the most / popular days to represent. 


Icons have been picked to go along side the awareness days.  Over 800 icons i put together using a site that will allow you to download various file formats to use online and off. 


Same as the icons I’ve gone through and found photos to represent an awareness day, every day for the year along with weeks & months.  To give you the choice to use between the 2 sets.

icon examples

icon examples

photo examples

how to buy

The awareness days book will be in two forms, the ebook can be purchased below while those looking for a hard copy will follow  shortly.


awareness days


Ebook contains 127 pages, covering days, weeks & months along with a quick guide with all everything awareness days. 

also link to 420 icons and 420 images that have been picked to work alongside.  

hard copy

awareness days

coming soon

Same as the ebook but a pyshical version that you can have sat next to you 🙂 

bonus item

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2023 planner

With every purchase you will get a planner that has been designed to work alongside the Awareness days guide along with space for you to jot in your own content. 

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