about the pink octopus 

welcome to the pink octopus, where we bring your business to life with a logo & branding that’s be crafted to compliment. 

Launched on international Octopus Day three years ago based in Northamptonshire, we’re on a mission to infuse your startup or small business with a tidal wave of visual appeal. Imagine us as your branding first mates, navigating the vast ocean of design to ensure your business stands out.

Our goal is simple—maximize your business potential with a splash of creativity. Like the adaptable octopus, we blend innovation and strategy to craft logos and branding that leave an indelible mark. Join us in diving deep into the world of design, where every brand has the potential to become a captivating design resonating with your ideal audience.

social dragonfly logo & branding
wow effct logo & branding

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