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are you struggling with a pixelated, low-quality logo that you can’t use because it’s blurry / has a white background that gets in the way?


Over the years, we’ve had many companies that can’t use the current logo because it’s unworkable. Our Solution will breath life into your logo. Making a vector of your logo will make it sharp (vector) versatile as you will be able to scale and colours might even be better once we know the colour codes. It will give you better flexibility allowing you use it on any background.  

transform your logo today

Don’t let your logo’s limitations hold your business back. We have happy clients that now have control again of their logo. Take action today to transform that unworkable logo to it’s full potential. I’m gonna say if you have a logo reference which is workable then i’ll be able to work my magic, if it to hard to work then i’ll be honest and let you know, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain 🙂  

what will i get when finished? 

Once the logo had been successfully created.  You will get the finished illustrator file.  Will get the logo saved in every formated that is need across offline and online media.  JPG, SVG, PNG, EPS (if the client needs a certain / specialised format then i’ll save that off as well.  

depending on the logo you will also get a version in black and then white, along with the graphical mark only (if there is one) if you need a variety of states of the logo (long, stacked, smaller) then i can do that as well. 

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