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are you navigating your start up journey and wondering what to do when it comes to the logo & branding?


Having a professionally crafted logo and branding from the outset is crucial for a startup as it establishes a strong visual identity, fosters credibility, and helps differentiate the business in a competitive market, ultimately laying a solid foundation for brand recognition and customer trust and this is where the pink octopus can help. 

the logo & branding
dilemma for startups 

Have you ever wondered why some startups make it big while others are lost at sea?
Your logo and branding are like the guiding stars of your brand’s voyage, Cookie-cutter solutions just won’t do. Those businesses that have a logo & brand thats unique people can remember, if it’s also designed for your ideal client then this will help attract. 



a treasured logo & brand

A logo thats been designed to attract your ideal client, a logo that captures the business, a logo that looks thought out and professional will hopefully carry that message to your potential clients who see that value. 

set sail the right way

A good logo & branding will give you the confidence to be really proud of the business, instead of being embarrassed to even show it off. 

your branding will rise like a tsunami

A logo that’s been created to be unique to you will help you stand tall above the competition making waves whilst building your recognition. 

tailored to your ocean

A logo and brand that is unique, that is different from others in that industry will make an impact for all the right reasons. If that logo and brand looks like everyone else’s then you’ll blend in to the crowd. 
social dragonfly logo & branding
social dragonfly logo & branding
wow effct logo & branding

navigating prices

We know that as a startup, you need to be mindful of your budget, and that’s why we offer pricing packages
that are as refreshing as a sea breeze on a hot summer’s day.

Best Seller

You’ve got an idea of a logo, might be a sketch or you’ve even tried and done it yourself and failed & just looking for that idea to be brought to life.  This is for you. 

finished AI, JPG, SVG, PNG, EPS

Will have a zoom / call in theory we both go through the questionaire, whilst chatting more in depth, questions not on the questionaire will no doubt appear.
initial sketches will be sent across for feedback
concepts worked to get the finished logo.
(further details on the process below)

finished AI, JPG, SVG, PNG, EPS

The same process for the logo along with extras that you will need to start you business.

social media covers
social media temple
Business card design
letterhead design (if needed)
Pull up banner

logo plus & logo plus extra: Initial concepts will be based upon the completed questionnaire, sketches will be produced and sent across looking for feedback on how i see the direction on the project, those key designs we both agree are right (this process saves my time and actually your time viewing polished concepts which aren’t needed due to them not appropaite.  That direction/s will be then worked on to narrow down to get the finished design. Doing it this way means the direction and concepts you see should be aligned to the bigger picture.  When completed you will get the finished AI file, formats to be used online (JPG, PNG, SVG)  and offline (EPS, SVG). Depending on the logo but will get a full colour version, black and then a white version

need a website as well? logo + website special offer

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