rebranding your logo

a good logo makes a
great first impression

The focal point of any business is the logo. It’s the first thing your next customer sees. When I create a successful logo, I like to get to know both the business and the person behind the business.

Remember, while the logo is the best way to create that initial engagement with your next customer, a well-designed logo won’t mean a thing without the branding and a good website to back it up.

what is a brand?

The brand is there to give the logo meaning and create impact. It highlights and reflects the values of the business and its reputation.

You never know where that first contact will come from, so a strong brand should be consistent. If not, then it’ll create confusion, not clarity in the minds of your audience.

Branding doesn’t stop at printed graphics or what’s seen on a screen. How you dress, the language you use, and even how people find you on Google impact how the branding is presented.

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