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your first website is the cornerstone of online identity, not only introduces your business but also creates ripples of lasting impact for curious visitors.

For those just starting out or looking for that first website although important isn’t needed to be ranked on the first page of google.  This stage in your business it’s more to have website presence that simply showcases the business, services and contact details designed to complement the brand. It’s will also give you the ability to have a professional sounding email address.

social dragonfly logo & branding
social dragonfly logo & branding
wow effct logo & branding
social dragonfly logo & branding

dive into your website 

We design and create the perfect website for your starting business needs.  You might just be looking for a holding page for now.  
We can do that, want a couple of pages to reinforce what your business does, services and contact details then we can do that as well 😉

Being built on wordpress this will be able to grow when your business does, designed using a drag and drop system within wordpress this makes it really simple for the end user to update themselves, so no need to contact me for those tweaks, image changes 🙂  

navigating prices

We know that as a startup, you need to be mindful of your budget, and that’s why we offer pricing packages
that are as refreshing as a sea breeze on a hot summer’s day.

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Looking for something more than just a holdling page, i’d say ideally this page will flow through 4 sections for your business, could be introduction of the business, services, testiomonial and contact details.  This might change for your own needs.  

four pages will give you space to get your business out there.  landing page will be a over view of the business.  About page is always good to understand the person behind the business. (the about page is one of the most popular of any website).  Can then have a services page, a contact page. 

Same as the 4 pages but adding an extra page which can be used the best way for the business.  You might have 2 clear services, so splitting out the services will help have that clear message for example. Adding a blog page and template for the blogs will also mean this is easy to then create blog posts. 

website process: Initial concepts will be based on the feedback and requirements from the client.  The first process will be to design the page and this will be sent across for feedback.  Only when the design has been signed off, we then transform those into an actual webpage.  On page SEO will be done to the best of my knowledge, keywords if unclear will be a conversation between the two of us to help get them in place. These prices don’t include ongoing SEO work, again it’s more to get that business web presence. 

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