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When setting up your business, creating and running your own business, there are many things to consider. The initial concerns will be about the product or service that you are creating. Focussing on launching your product, logos, marketing materials, social graphics and a website all take up a lot of time – and that’s if you have experience.

Suppose you start with the logo creation, thinking that you can manage the rest. The business now has this nice new logo. Still, the flyer or other collateral, whilst designed to the best of your ability, is not really a true reflection of the business.

I sit down with start-up clients to find out what is needed and offer suggestions of what anything overlooked or forgotten.  Once I know what is required I can then start the design process. First with the logo, extending into the brand and then anything else that is needed.

All work undertaken is spread out with costs calculated at an affordable amount. Doing it this way you get what you need from a designer that has over 20 years of experience without the inflated price tag.

Your business looks professional from launch on all fronts. Soon you’ll be building traction and grabbing more attention than you imagined.

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